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John Blackwell
10-25-2001, 11:20 AM

This notice involves three items regarding the International Society of
Biomechanics in Sports; 1) membership, 2) upcoming elections, and 3) 2001
proceedings from the recent San Francisco meeting.

1. Persons wishing information related to becoming a member of the ISBS,
may go to the society's website http://www.uni-stuttgart.de/External/isbs/
and follow the "Membership" link.

2. It is now time for ISBS members to nominate individuals for the upcoming
election of officers to fill the following positions (terms):

1 President Elect, (2003-2005)
1 Vice President of Projects and Research, (2002-2004)
1 Vice President of Publications, (2002-2004)
1 Vice President of Public Relations, (2002-2004)
10 Board Members (2002-2004)

All nominations should be sent to wmarino@uwindsor.ca as soon as

3. The proceedings of the ISBS 2001 meeting in San Francisco now have ISBN
numbers. Please use the following numbers for the books of proceedings.

ISBS Oral Sessions = ISBN 0-9715218-0-8

ISBS Poster Sessions = ISBN 0-9715218-1-6

ISBS Swim Session = ISBN 0-9715218-2-4

Proceedings of the Fifth National Symposium on Teaching Biomechanics in
Sports = ISBN 0-9715218-3-2
================================================== ==================================
John Blackwell
ISBS Secretary General

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