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Redfern, Mark
10-28-2001, 10:48 PM
> Dear Biomechanists,
> I have a very good senior biomechanics student that is interested in
> pursuing a graduate degree in sports biomechanics. Her major interests
> are gymnastics and individual performance-type sports. She asked me what
> programs are out there, and I am afraid I don't know. So, my questions
> is, what are the active programs in these types of sports biomechanics
> where someone could study and do a PhD?
> Thanks in advance for all the replies.
> -Mark
> ************************************************** *******
> Mark S. Redfern, Ph.D.
> William Kepler Whiteford Professor
> Departments of Bioengineering, Otolaryngology and Rehabilitation Science
> University of Pittsburgh

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