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Augusta Dattilo
10-30-2001, 02:53 AM
Biomechanics in the Decade of the Bone & Joint: A European Biomechanics‘Event’
Brussels on 28-29 April 2002
Erasme Campus - Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

BioNet: Strategic Development of European Networks in Biomechanics
BioNet is funded by the European Commission under the Information Society
Technologies Programme. It is due to commence in September 2001, subject to
final contract negotiations.
The Event is a central activity of the project, but the project will
continue until the end of 2002, with a view to providing on-going support
for activities engendered by the Event and to provide a forum for on-going
discussions provoked by the Event.
This support will take place in collaboration with relevant professional
It is hoped to form several coherent Working Groups to take forward aspects
that Event participants identify as having the greatest contemporary
Organised support will also be given to the emergence of research networks
or other research consortia.
This is important in the context of Framework VI.
By these means, it is hoped that the diverse and multidisciplinary facets
of European biomechanics can achieve enhanced coherence and thus make a
significant impact on the important problems of the day.
BioNet is closely associated with another project funded by the EC, VAKHUM,
which will conclude just prior to the Event. VAKHUM will provide a rich new
source of high-quality data to the biomechanics community.
Further details of this data will be made public in the near future to be
placed on the VAKHUM mailing list, email Sara Martin at

PURPOSE The Event is a ‘one-off’ forum for the strategic development of
biomechanics in Europe and is organised by the BioNet project .
It is specifically designed to be different from a conventional conference
and will provide a unique contemporary overview of biomechanics in Europe.

SCOPE The main focus of the organised activities will be computational
biomechanics, though the content will not be restricted to this area. All
participants will be able to present their work, from any fields within
biomechanics, in a poster session and to raise issues of importance to them
during other sessions. Any European biomechanics work can be presented as a
poster, subject to minor quality constraints.

The philosophy of the Event is to be inclusive. All who have an interest in
biomechanics in Europe should attend whether they come from industry,
medicine, research, universities, charities, etc.
It will:
- review the state of the art and present keynote addresses using
internationally-renowned speakers
- bring together all work on biomechanics in Europe
- provide a unique perspective on the current status of European biomechanics.
Areas with the greatest promise for future development will be addressed by
keynote speakers.
Participants can raise contentious issues these can then be re-addressed in
the panel sessions.
The Event aims for high participation and low cost.
Fees are deliberately being kept low:
- biomechanics professionals from Central & Eastern Europe should be able
to attend in numbers
- attractive for PhD students, the next generation of researchers.

Final contract negotiations are currently being completed for BioNet, so
all content in this leaflet is provisional.
Session titles are given in the ‘Contents’ column. Many highly-respected
international figures have already promised presentations.

Full details of the programme will be available on the BioNet Web site
later in 2001.
To be kept informed, please put your name on the BioNet mailing list.

State-of-the-art summaries: world-renowned figures will set the tone for
the Event and identify broad challenges facing the biomechanics community
Keynote addresses by invited international speakers: thought-provoking,
challenging and controversial
Parallel review sessions: to encapsulate particular areas, providing a
summary of the current state of the art and indicating immediate and future
‘Get it off your chest’ session: an opportunity to air controversial views
from the floor
Panel sessions: questions set in advance (to provide a coverage of
strategic issues) and live from the floor
Poster session: available to all participants, subject to certain
constraints on quality; a snapshot of the current state of European
biomechanics; posters will be included in the published summary of the Event
‘Birds of a feather’ meetings: meet like-minded workers
Partner search meetings: seek out participants with expertise that you
would value
Conclusion & review: an open forum for reflection, drawing conclusions, and
deciding how to take things forward
Industrial displays: displays by SMEs will be especially welcomed
Educational displays: displays of innovative materials and methods for
educational purposes
Publishers’ stands: latest biomechanics publications will be available for
viewing & purchase

For more information, or to be added to our mailing list, please contact:
Prof. G J Clapworthy
Dept. of Computer & Information Sciences,
De Montfort University,
Hammerwood Gate, Kents Hill,
Milton Keynes MK7 6HP, United Kingdom
email : bionet@dmu.ac.uk

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