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11-02-2001, 10:35 AM
Hello Bio-mechanic Listers,

I have been monitoring messages for the past month, getting a flavor for the
content of this forum.

I am a non-practicing chiropractor (skiing accident) from the United States.
I have a very good understanding of biomechanics. I also have a very strong
computer science background.

I would like to ask some questions/advice to the group pertaining to
monitoring performance of the human knee.

I would like to measure 3 dimensional joint performance characteristics (6
degrees of freedom)
in real-time, of a human knee, wirelessly (up to 100meters), as the subject
performs in his/her natural performing environment.
My vision is to attach two 6DOF sensors to the rigid bodies surrounding a
knee joint. These 6DoF sensors will show translations and rotations around
the x, y and z axis's at up to 300 samples per second.
The data will be sent wirelessly to a laptop where I will compare the
readings from two sensors mathematically to get motion characteristics of
the interceding knee joint.

My questions are these:

1) Can I accomplish true 6DoF motion monitoring using 3 micro-gyros for the
rotations and
3 micro-accelerometers for translations around the axis's respectively?
Or will some
other combination of technology work better?

2) If this technology in 1) will work, is it commercially
available...anywhere? If so...where?
If not, is there a good reason why it is not available yet?

2) Assuming data is good at laptop, can I make accurate assumptions about
degrees of
collateral and cruciate laxity with regards to excessive y rotations
and x and z translations.
Is it possible to forecast future degeneration based on abnormal
parameters and laxities?
If not...why not?

3) Is anyone/or entity doing this work already??? If so where or how can I
contact them?

I would appreciate any information anyone could spare regarding this post.

So as to not clutter the LIST, you can contact me direct at

Thanks for any help!

Dr. Michael Thomas

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