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11-05-2001, 09:26 AM
Dear members
Our hospital is planning to build a motion analysis lab. Due 1/2003.
As a member of the planning team I wanted the lab. to be as open to various tests as possible.The lab. will partially be commercial and partially for research.
Looking and being in the last 3 years in more than 25 labs. I am a bit confused by the sizes and design of them. My question is:
1. what is the best size LxWxH of a lab. that will be used for gait/sport medicine/clinical /orthotic/children/army/3D motion/feedback training?
2.Is there any reference article /book chapter that deals with this issue?
3.what are the pro`s and con`s for building a rectangular size and what is the best ratio between length and width as well as height , and a square shape?

Thnak you

Izik Friedman PT
Center for Functional Therapy
Rehab. Center
Sheba Medical Center
ISRAEL please send answers to :izik@bigfoot.com
I will post the answers

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