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Gabriele Paolini
11-07-2001, 08:42 PM
Hello everyone,

I am working on biomechanics of the upper limb during tennis serve.
I captured the motion using a Vicon system (8 cameras, 120 Hz) and now I am
facing the well known problem of inverse dynamics to determine the resultant
of forces and moments acting on the joints.
The goal I'd like to reach is to predict single muscle forces and I was
wondering if someone of you knows about good articles I could read.
I read Cote and Hubbard (ISCSB 2001) and I saw a lot of reference to
Yamaguchi et al. (J of Biomechanics, 1995) but I did not read it yet.
I am especially looking for a specific algorithm validated with experimental
data (if it does exist in literature...) and specifically directed to the
analysis of the upper limb redundant problem.

I will need to integrate the equations of motion as well,so i would like to
know if there is some good software package (i.e. ADAMS) and if I can find
some free trial version on the internet.

For those who are interested, I will make a summery of the responses and
post it.

Look forward to hear from all of you...


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