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Lark Marmo
11-11-2001, 03:06 PM
To Whom It May Concern;

My 19 year old son is a point guard at New Mexico State University and his
dream just flashed before his eyes a couple of months ago. He injured his
knee and had arthroscopic surgery. They took out several fragments from the
articular cartilage. A total of seven pieces in all, 2 were pretty large.
The doctors here in El Paso, Texas are saying he needs Autologous
Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI). I've done some research and found the Micro
Fracture is a similar, less expensive surgery and possibly with greater
results. The only down fall we have is that the defect is approximately 2
centimeters and I understand that that might be too large for the Micro
Fracture surgery. Do you have any better results from this surgery recently
that I can go by? Also the way I understand the difference between the two
is that ACI implants the hyland cartilage which is stronger than the fibro
cartilage in the long run. Could you please recommend the right way to go.

Thank you so much for your prompt response.

Lark Marmo

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