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unknown user
02-24-1993, 03:29 AM
Please excuse this posting for not being directly related to biomechanics,
but I thought that the BIOMCH-L community might be a good and quick way to
find an answer to the following situation.

I know a Russian Orthopedic surgeon who has spent a number of years
working in Human Gait Analysis and has even developed his own gait analysis
system with the technology at hand in Russia. He wants to come to the United
States to do research (and escape the current conditions in Russia). He visited
us at Mayo Clinic last fall and presented his research. Unfortunately, there
is nothing available here. I have heard that there are special programs in
effect between a number of countries and Russia to help prevent the complete
breakdown of science during the present difficulties.

SO, if anyone would know of a research position in locomotion analysis, or as
a technician for that matter, please drop me a note and I will pass the
information on. Also, if anyone knows of specific organizations to contact in
the United States for economic assistance for the doctor and his family, please
contact me.

By the way, he is in the US right now so I can easily contact him if someone
should be interested.

Thanks for any and all replies,

Dwight Meglan
Mayo Clinic
Orthopedic Biomechanics Lab
128 Guggenheim
Rochester, MN 55905