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11-28-2001, 03:29 PM
This week's Literature Update for keywords: BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*

Rodger Kram
Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

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Johansson, Rolf; Magnusson, Mans; Fransson, Per A.; Karlberg, Mikael.
Multi-stimulus multi-response posturography.
Mathematical Biosciences. November, 2001. 174(1):41-59.

Carrington, Emily; Grace, Sean Patrick; Chopin, Thierry.
Life history phases and the biomechanical properties of the red alga
Chondrus crispus (Rhodophyta).
Journal of Phycology. October, 2001. 37(5):699-704.

Taber, Larry A.
Biomechanics of cardiovascular development.
IN: Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering. Yarmush, Martin L.; Diller,
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Series title: Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering 3.

Hutchinson, Karen J.; Linderman, Jon K.; Basso, D. Michele.
Skeletal muscle adaptations following spinal cord contusion injury in rat
and the relationship to locomotor function: A time course study.
Journal of Neurotrauma. October, 2001. 18(10):1075-1089.

Matheson, James W.; Kernozek, Thomas W.; Fater, Dennis C. W.; Davies, George J.
Electromyographic activity and applied load during seated quadriceps
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. October, 2001. 33(10):1713-1724.

Jones, Kelvin E.; Wessberg, Johan; Vallbo, Ake B.
Directional tuning of human forearm muscle afferents during voluntary
wrist movements.
Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) October 15th, 2001. 536(2):635-647.

Mitchell, Richard A. S.; Innes, John F.; McNally, Donal.
Pressure profilometry of the lumbosacral disk in dogs.
American Journal of Veterinary Research. November, 2001.

Lane, John G.; Tontz, William L., ; Ball, Scott T.; Massie, Jennifer B.;
Chen, Albert C.; Bae, Won C.; Amiel, Michael E.; Sah, Robert L.; Amiel,
A morphologic, biochemical, and biomechanical assessment of short-term
effects of osteochondral autograft plug transfer in an animal model.
Arthroscopy. October, 2001. 17(8):856-863.

Frei, Hanspeter; Oxland, Thomas B.; Rathonyi, Gabor C.; Nolte, Lutz-P.
The effect of nucleotomy on lumbar spine mechanics in compression and
shear loading.
Spine. October 1, 2001. 26(19):2080-2089.

Gaggl, A.; Schultes, G.
Biomechanical properties in titanium implants with integrated maintenance
free shock absorbing elements.
Biomaterials. November, 2001. 22(22):3061-3066.

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IN: Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering. Yarmush, Martin L.; Diller,
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King, Albert I.
Fundamentals of impact biomechanics: Part 2: Biomechanics of the abdomen,
pelvis, and lower extremities.
IN: Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering. Yarmush, Martin L.; Diller,
Kenneth R.; Toner, Mehmet. Annual Reviews ; 4139 El Camino Way, Palo Alto,
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Widjaja, W.; Hartung, C.
Biomechanical comparison of different fixations of
Clinical Biomechanics. October, 2001. 16(8):702-705.

Fowler, N. K.; Nicol, A. C.
Functional and biomechanical assessment of the normal and rheumatoid
Clinical Biomechanics. October, 2001. 16(8):660-666.

Granata, K. P.; Wilson, S. E.
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Akhter, M. P.; Cullen, D. M.; Gong, G.; Recker, R. R.
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Bone (New York) August, 2001. 29(2):121-125.

Tanaka, E.; Tanaka, M.; Hattori, Y.; Aoyama, J.; Watanabe, M.; Sasaki, A.;
Sugiyama, M.; Tanne, K.
Biomechanical behaviour of bovine temporomandibular articular
discs with age.
Archives of Oral Biology. November, 2001. 46(11):997-1003.

Nelson, Frank E.; Jayne, Bruce C.
The effects of speed on the in vivo activity and length of a limb muscle
during the locomotion of the iguanian lizard Dipsosaurus dorsalis.
Journal of Experimental Biology. October, 2001. 204(20):3507-3522.

Pace, Cinnamon M.; Blob, Richard W.; Westneat, Mark W.
Comparative kinematics of the forelimb during swimming in red-eared
slider (Trachemys scripta) and spiny softshell (Apalone spinifera) turtles.
Journal of Experimental Biology. October, 2001. 204(19):3261-3271.

Bellwood, David R.; Fisher, Rebecca.
Relative swimming speeds in reef fish larvae.
Marine Ecology Progress Series. February 14, 2001.(211):299-303.

Egi, Naoko.
Body mass estimates in extinct mammals from limb bone dimensions: The
case of North American hyaenodontids.
Palaeontology (Oxford) May, 2001. 44(3):497-528.

Boggs, D. F.; Baudinette, R. V.; Frappell, P. B.; Butler, P. J.
The influence of locomotion on air-sac pressures in little penguins.
Journal of Experimental Biology. October, 2001. 204(20):3581-3586.

Marden, James H.; Fitzhugh, Gail H.; Girgenrath, Mahasweta; Wolf, Melisande
R.; Girgenrath, Stefan.
Alternative splicing, muscle contraction and intraspecific variation:
Associations between troponin T transcripts, Ca2+ sensitivity and the force
and power output of dragonfly flight muscles during oscillatory
Journal of Experimental Biology. October, 2001. 204(20):3457-3470.

Lankford, Thomas E., ; Billerbeck, Jean M.; Conover, David O.
Evolution of intrinsic growth and energy acquisition rates. II.
Trade-offs with vulnerability to predation in Menidia menidia.
Evolution. September, 2001. 55(9):1873-1881.

Billerbeck, Jean M.; Lankford, Thomas E., ; Conover, David O.
Evolution of intrinsic growth and energy acquisition rates. I. Trade-offs
with swimming performance in Menidia menidia.
Evolution. September, 2001. 55(9):1863-1872.

Webb, J. K.; Brown, G. P.; Shine, R.
Body size, locomotor speed and antipredator behaviour in a tropical snake
(Tropidonophis mairii, Colubridae): The influence of incubation
environments and genetic factors.
Functional Ecology. October, 2001. 15(5):561-568.

Bronikowski, Anne M.; Carter, Patrick A.; Swallow, John G.; Girard,
Isabelle A.; Rhodes, Justin S.; Garland, Theodore,
Open-field behavior of house mice selectively bred for high voluntary
Behavior Genetics. May, 2001. 31(3):309-316.

Miles, Donald B.; Snell, Howard L.; Snell, Heidi M.
Intrapopulation variation in endurance of Galapagos lava lizards
(Microlophus albemarlensis): Evidence for an interaction between natural
and sexual selection.
Evolutionary Ecology Research. November, 2001. 3(7):795-804.

Amazeen, Polemnia G.; Amazeen, Eric L.; Beek, Peter J.
Coupling of breathing and movement during manual wheelchair propulsion.
Journal of Experimental Psychology Human Perception and Performance.
October, 2001. 27(5):1243-1259.

Hawkins, David; Metheny, Jeff.
Overuse injuries in youth sports: Biomechanical considerations.
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. October, 2001. 33(10):1701-1706.

Riley, Patrick O.; Kerrigan, D. Casey.
The effect of voluntary toe-walking on body propulsion.
Clinical Biomechanics. October, 2001. 16(8):681-687.

Patrick, J. H.; Roberts, A. P.; Cole, G. F.
Therapeutic choices in the locomotor management of the child with
cerebral palsy: More luck than judgement?
Archives of Disease in Childhood. October, 2001. 85(4):275-279.

Reid, M. J.; Prentice, S. D.
Strategies associated with altered segment parameters during voluntary
gait modifications.
Neuroscience Research Communications. September-October, 2001.

Alviso, Todd Alexander.
Body biomechanics adjustment method.
Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office
Patents. Sep. 25, 2001. 1250(4):No Pagination. US 6293916; September 25,
2001, 601-134, USA.

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