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Rush F Green
04-01-1993, 01:53 AM
Hello Fellow BIOMCH users,

My name is Rush Green and I work for the Boeing airplane company in a human
factors research and anaylsis group. My group has developed an anthropometric
model for Boeing's mainframe CAD system. To maintain and improve the
robustness of our model, we are constantly searching for new anthropometric
data. In particular, we could use more US civilian data and any foriegn data.
I am aware of recent anthropometric surveys in the Netherlands and Taiwan. I
have not been successful in contacting the groups who conducted these surveys.
I would appreciate any help in acquiring these and any other recent surveys.

Thank You,

Rush Green
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
PO Box 3703 MS 33-HH
Seattle, WA 98124-2207

E-mail: grerfx00@ccmail.boeing.com
Phone: (206) 393-6198
Fax: (206) 477-0778