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Katrin Ribant
11-29-2001, 04:27 AM
I send a demand for info few days ago.
To all who asked me to share the answers with the group: I will be happy to
do so, but I didn't get any, so I assume my demand wasn't clear enough.

It is commonly admitted in the field of manual therapy that some pain and
articular disorders are due to the fact that some muscle have a higher basic
tonus than others, and 'pull' on the bones during motion.
Some manual therapy techniques, such as fasciatherapy, rolfing... work on
these 'thightnesses', trying to change the motor program in the cognitive
system in order to have these 'hypertonic' structures harmonizing with the
general tonus of the rest of the structure.
And sometimes, it works...

Now I would like to find information about research on:
-)cognition about motricity (how does the cognitive system decide how much
and in which direction the muscles contract)
-)how to measure how much muscle contract at rest and during motion
-)poeple who conduct resaerch on any of the fields related with this

Thank you very much for any information you could give me, even if you think
it might not be relevant.

KATRIN RIBANT (Manual therapist,Neuropsychology student at ULB,Belgium)

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