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Frances T. Sheehan, Ph.d.
12-03-2001, 12:09 AM
Funded Graduate and Post-Doctoral Fellowships

For a Whitaker Foundation Grant:

"Achilles Tendon Material Properties and Risk Factors for Rupture"

Applications are invited for Graduate and Post-Doctoral Fellowships in the
Biomechanics and Imaging Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Department, The
Catholic University of America, Washington DC, USA:


Our lab focuses on the study of fundamental musculoskeletal system
properties and how alterations of these properties (impairments) lead to
functional limitations and ultimately physical disabilities. This research
is carried out through extensive use of advanced engineering principles,
magnetic resonance imaging, other imaging modalities, and musculoskeletal
modeling. The overall goal of this Whitaker funded project is to elucidate
the cause-and-effect relationship between degraded musculotendon
characteristics and the prevalence of injury. This will be done by
non-invasively quantifying the in vivo Achilles tendon (AT) stress-strain
relationship during dynamic movements in both healthy tendon and those
"at-risk" of rupture. This research involves extensive collaboration with
Dr. Steven Stanhope (director of the Physical Disabilities Branch at the
National Institutes of Health - NIH), the Diagnostic Radiology Department
at NIH, and The Foot and Ankle Center at the Georgetown Hospital. CUA, NIH
and Georgetown Hospital are located in the DC metropolitan area, along
major public transportation routes.

Other research opportunities exist within our lab (additional projects
focus on patellar tracking problems, knee replacement surgery, and anterior
cruciate ligament loss); along with opportunities through our collaborative
ties with the Applied Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab - National
Rehabilitation Hospital (Director: Joseph Hidler), the Physical
Disabilities Branch and the Diagnostic Radiology Department at the National
Institutes of Health..

Candidates with a Bachelors, Masters' or Ph.D. degree in Mechanical
Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematical
Physics or a closely related field should apply. A strong background in
dynamics, musculoskeletal modeling, biomechanics, imaging, image processing
and/or control systems, along with demonstrated programming skills and
previous research experience will be at a distinct advantage. English
proficiency is essential. Compensation includes a competitive stipend and
full tuition support.

Interested candidates should contact Dr. Frances Sheehan directly
(sheehan@cua.edu) and can find more information at:
Frances T. Sheehan
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering Department
620 Michigan Ave, NE
The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC 20064
(202) 319-6099 (phone) (202) 319-4499 (fax)
sheehan@cua.edu (email)

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