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Miguel Angel Narvaez
12-03-2001, 03:24 PM
some time ago I posted the following question regarding data smoothing
software "..I have a need for data smoothing freeware that I might apply to
various discrete data arrays that are equally spaced in the time domain.
Specifically, I am looking for freeware that can perform the following
operations: least squares, cubic and quintic spline, Butterworth filter,
fourier analysis, and digital filter (high pass, low pass, and window)."

I'm submitting a summary of responses... thank you all for your fast response.

Your university probably has MATLAB licences that you can use. MATLAB is the
software that most of us use for these functions.
Hope this helps,
/************************************************** **
Christopher J. Poletto, Ph.D.


Dear Miguel,
Hope that could be usefull,
I couldn't open the last page but the description I have
from the author is what you are looking for.
Raquel Verdejo
Postgradute Student


Have you ever thought of writing your own filters in a spreadsheet?
Regards Ross

Ross Anderson______


Hola Miguel,
Being a programmer, I'm only interested in sources of source code. I'm not
so sure about executables which may be available - these sources may have
executables, or source code which can be built into a simple executable with
no effort (if you have the right compiler). Sources of academic "freeware"
(i.e. restrictive licence) which you might find useful include
1. Numerical Recipes by Press, Flannery, Teukolsky and Vetterling. You
should be able to find this book in any serious library. It explains source
code which you can download from somewhere. It's normally abbreviated to
2. Herman Woltring's spline smoothing package. Papers by Woltring include A
Fortran Package for generalized, cross-validatory spline smoothing and
diferentiation Advanced Engineering Software 1986 Vol 8 No. 2. He also wrote
a chapter in Three-Dimensional Analysis of Human Movement Ed. Allard,
Stokes, Blanchi. FORTRAN code is available by sending "send gcvspl from gcv"
3. www.isip.msstate.edu They have a complete suite of speech processing
packages, including plenty of filtering.
You will need to do a certain amount of work with any of these sources. I
thoroughly recommend making an investment in either MatLab or MathCad with
the appropriate extra module (signal processing). I think you will be able
to do all the things you want very easily (check the specifications before
you buy !) with confidence, and you will be able to analyse and present the
results better, and achieve a greater understanding of what you are doing.
Of course it depends on exactly what you want.

íMucha suerte!

Timothy Pitt


Thank you

MIguel Narvaez

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