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04-01-1993, 09:01 PM
Dear BIOMCH-L Subscribers,


I am interested in obtaining information on commercially available
multi-component force-torque transducers, suitable for fixing in
walking frames and wheelchair armrests to measure the loads acting
on the hand during various activities, similar to the pylon
transducers used in lower limb prosthetics (for example, Berme et al.,

Advanced Mechanical Technology Inc. (Massachusetts, USA) do sell these
transducers (model MC3A) but they are prohibitively expensive.

I would be grateful for any information on suitable commercial or
custom-built transducers and on any experiences you may have using
these transducers.

Thank you for your help,

Mike Dolan.

Berme N, et al. (1976) A shorter pylon transducer for measurement of
prosthetic forces and moments during amputee gait. Engineering
in Medicine 4(4):6-8.

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