View Full Version : Parkinson's Disease and Gait analysis

Raso, Jim
12-13-2001, 09:30 AM
We are putting in a new gait lab and have specified computer tiling for the
raised floor. The tile may have a marked edging to it. Initially we expect
to see primarily children with CP type disorders but there has recently been
some interest express by the geriatic program physicians for access to the
lab for people with Parkinson's. Having just ordered the flooring, it has
now come to my attention that this edging, if it is too dissimilar to the
main coloring in the tile, may prohibit doing gait analysis with this
Does anyone have experience with assessing gait in Parkinsons and do you
have suggestions for dealing with this if it becomes a problem?
V James Raso, MASc, P. Eng.
Head Orthopaedic Engineering Group
Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Site - Capital Health

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