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12-16-2001, 07:41 PM
Dear Mr. Sotelo:
The message you cross-posted to the BIOMCH-L mailing list was originally
intended for the MBE_Europe list. MBE_Europe is specifically devoted to
discuss the role of medical and biological engineering in the sixth
framework program of the European Commission.

I did not cross-post the message to BIOMCH-L since it involves not only
European biomedical engineers. Furthermore, this letter was a very early
draft on which the small MBE_Europe community should discuss, before we
make it public to larger communities such as BIOMCH-L. More in general,
forwarding somebody else message to a mailing list with the author consent
is considered bad Netiquette.

Although I am sure you were moved by very good reasons, I recommend you to
avoid in the future any cross posting of MBE_Europe content without the
consent of the list or of its moderator.

I apologise with BIOMCH-L members who were not interested in the message.
For the others, I suggest you to subscribe also to our list, in order to
continue the discussion on this and other initiatives. You will find more
information at this link below.


Best Regards

Marco Viceconti

>----- Original Message -----
>From: Marco Viceconti
>To: mbe_europe@yahoogroups.com
>Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2001 7:06 AM
>Subject: [mbe_europe] A Letter to Mr. Busquin
>Dear All:
> please find attached (bottom) to this message a first draft of a letter we
>in my opnion, send to Philippe Busquin, Commissioner for research in the
>European Commission.
>I would like to discuss the opportunity of such letter and its general
>content with the list core members (now 83 persons). If we agree on the
>basic idea, after a first revision we may involve other colleagues.
>I am not a native english speaker, so I shall not be offended if some of
>you fix the language.
>I look forward to hear your comments.

Marco Viceconti
MBE_Europe moderator

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