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Gordon Clapworthy
12-18-2001, 12:50 AM
Several recent emails have mentioned the BioNet project, so it is perhaps time to bring it fully to your attention.

The BioNet project is funded by the European Commission and will bring together working groups to take action on specific contemporary issues in biomechanics. The actions are based in Europe because of the source of funding, but colleagues on the other side of the Atlantic, and anywhere else in the world, are very welcome to join in. The BioNet project was designed to have an inclusive perspective.

The focus of the project is the BioNet Event, which will take place in Brussels on 27-29 April 2002.

This will act as the catalyst - from it, the topics which need the attention of the biomechanics community will be identified. Support for the ongoing discussions will be given until the end of 2002, with a view to forming Working Groups and, with Framework 6 in mind, establishing Networks of Excellence.

Marco Viceconti has done a great job in producing an excellent scientific programme for the Event, with a host of distinguished speakers. He is just putting the final touches to it, and it will be made public in the near future. It is already beginning to look as if the Event will be a landmark occasion.

You are welcome to visit the BioNet web site http://www.mk.dmu.ac.uk/bionet and to join the BioNet mailing list by emailing bionet@dmu.ac.uk . Existing members of the mailing list should have received an email confirming this - if you did not do so, please contact me.

We hope that BioNet can "make a difference", and warmly encourage you to join in fully. We are trying to reduce registration costs for the Event so as to extend participation as broadly as possible - in fact, because of savings made, we have already reduced our proposed registration fee from the original level.

We have an offer from the Journal of Biomechanics to produce a paper copy of the Proceedings of the Event, but the cost of this would involve us raising the fees above what we consider an acceptable level. If there is a kind sponsor out there willing to help us in this venture, we would be very pleased to speak to you.


Gordon Clapworthy (Prof)

Coordinator of BioNet Project

De Montfort University

Milton Keynes

United Kingdom

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