Prof. Hatze
12-19-2001, 07:37 PM
Dear Colleagues,

On Monday I posted a selection of challenging biomechanical problems
which, I feel, are the ones that most urgently need attention. I would
like to thank all those who responded by sending me their appreciative
and supportive remarks and opinions, expressing general agreement with
my suggestions.

In my posting I also referred to the European BIONET project which I
consider to be of special relevance at the present time. Although my
motives for presenting to the international community a list of pressing
issues in contemporary biomechanics were prompted by considerations
based on personal experiences over the last few years, there is
undoubtedly an overlap of my interest in a world-wide discussion forum
for the issues raised in my posting and the intent of Drs. Viceconti and
Leardini, to have the relevant items treated in the BIONET context, one
at a time.

It was therefore agreed between Drs. Viceconti and Leardini on the one
hand and myself on the other, to closely cooperate and present the
topics proposed in my recent posting one by one over the next weeks,
thereby being able to focus the discussions on a single theme only, with
the moderation done by myself and (or) Dr. Leardini.

So please do no longer reply directly to me but wait until the topic
from my list that interests you is re-posted on BIOMCH-L for general

Thanks again to all of those who have shown interest.

Herbert Hatze

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Prof. Dr. Herbert Hatze
Head, Department and Laboratory of Biomechanics, ISW,
University of Vienna

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