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12-28-2001, 02:04 AM
Dear Biomch-L Readers,

I tried to contact the ISB 2001 organising committee, but they do not answer anymore (this is
logical, the congress is finished). So, sorry to bother you all with my email, but I need to know
the following.

We would like to publish in a new paper an image which was previously published in the book of
abstract of the ISB 2001 congress to present some of our work.

Can somebody (if possible one of the member of the ISB 2001 organising committee) tell me who owns
the copyright for the images published in the book of abstract ? Are the authors free to use them
for other publications or not ?

Thank you in advance and an very Happy New Year !


Serge VAN SINT JAN, Ph.D. | Marie Curie Fellow
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University of Brussels | fax: + 32 2 555 6378
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