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Kevin Bullock
01-03-2002, 02:22 AM
I recently attended a high school basketball game in which a friend's son
suffered a concussion. He was taking a charge and fell backwards hitting
the back of his head on the floor, and then the other boy fell on top of him
again striking him in the head. He was obviously knocked unconscious
immediately. However, after a few seconds, his body started having a
"seizure" and he began convulsing. He was taken to a hospital and underwent
a CAT scan -- which revealed no damage. He was diagnosed with a severe
concussion and was told he had to sit out for 3 weeks and no further testing
is scheduled to be done.

I have never heard of a concussion causing this type of "seizure," and I
have been unable to find this as a symptom in any medical journals. Can
this be merely a result of the impact, or could it be a sign of a more
serious problem (either related to, or unrelated to the concussion)? I
would appreciate any advice or direction on where I could find information
regarding this type of reaction to a concussion.

Thank you!

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