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Amir A. Handzel
01-03-2002, 09:21 AM
Dear Kevin,

A "dumb" search in Medline (concussion and seizure) does invoke material.
Concussive Convulsion appears to be a standard medical term; here's one
fairly recent review which looks comprehensive:

Sports Med 1998 Feb;25(2):131-6, McCrory PR, Berkovic SF
Concussive convulsions. Incidence in sport and treatment recommendations.

I would talk to a nuerologist and/or traumatologist if needed.

Best of health,

Amir Handzel

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On Thu, 3 Jan 2002, Kevin Bullock wrote:

> I recently attended a high school basketball game in which a friend's son
> suffered a concussion. He was taking a charge and fell backwards hitting
> the back of his head on the floor, and then the other boy fell on top of him
> again striking him in the head. He was obviously knocked unconscious
> immediately. However, after a few seconds, his body started having a
> "seizure" and he began convulsing. He was taken to a hospital and underwent
> a CAT scan -- which revealed no damage. He was diagnosed with a severe
> concussion and was told he had to sit out for 3 weeks and no further testing
> is scheduled to be done.
> I have never heard of a concussion causing this type of "seizure," and I
> have been unable to find this as a symptom in any medical journals. Can
> this be merely a result of the impact, or could it be a sign of a more
> serious problem (either related to, or unrelated to the concussion)? I
> would appreciate any advice or direction on where I could find information
> regarding this type of reaction to a concussion.
> Thank you!

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