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01-14-2002, 02:03 AM
Dear Collegues !
Dear Friends of our Biomechanics Laboratory !

We need your help again !
The Biomechanics Laboratory of the Medical Faculty of the Free University of
Berlin (Benjamin Franklin School of Medicine) has done pioneering work on in-
vivo load measurements of orthopaedic implants. You probably know our
research work from publications, meetings, our CD-ROM "HIP98" or our web
site: http://www.biomechanik.de

The continuation of our work is in danger !!

Berlin's SPD (German Social Democrats) and PDS (German Socialist Party)
government now wants to close the Free University's Faculty of Medicine !
For more information see:


You can support the massive protest of the scientific community in Berlin
and Germany by writing a short protest letter of three or four sentences,
emphasizing the scientific work of our Biomechanics Lab. or more generally
that of the Faculty of Medicine of the Free University of Berlin. We (as many
others) will collect these letters and forward them to the government and
parliament members. This is much more effective than sending emails, which
can be deleted by a mouse click.

Please address the letter with the official letterhead of your institution to:

" Klaus Wowereit and SPD members of parliament and
Gregor Gysi and PDS members of parliament "

and attach it to an email to

mail@biomechanik.de (subject: "Support")

Thank you for your support !

Georg Bergmann, Toni Rohlmann, Fred Graichen

Benjamin Franklin School of Medicine, Free University of Berlin,
Hindenburgdamm 30, D-12203 Berlin, Germany,
Phone: int49/30/8445-4730, Fax: int49/30/8445-4729
E-mail: mail@biomechanik.de, Internet: http://www.biomechanik.de

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