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Nikolai Gantchev
01-16-2002, 02:43 AM
Dear List-Members,

We have the pleasure to announce that a Book
Towards un understanding of the role of Motor Control - from simple systems
to Human Performance

is available to be ordered
The present Book is the outcome of the Second Varna 2001 Conference on
Motor Control MCC2001
September 09 - 12, 2001, Varna, Bulgaria
Organized at the Black Sea coast, resort St. Constantine near Varna,
Bulgaria, 09 - 12 September 2001.
The theme of this Book is Motor Control. The Book is divided into 7
Sections. The papers are grouped into Sections reflecting the main idea of
the Varna Conference to address the studies in Motor Control from Basic
Motor Control to functional recovery.
1. The first section is entitled "Integration of Posture and Movements in
animals" addressing the underlying neural mechanisms responsible its
generation and control.
2. The second section is devoted to "Balance and Locomotion control in
3. The third section "Control of reaching movements" addressing daily life
motor task, the way we control reaching movements to precision grip.
4. In the forth section "Central organization of Motor Control" using
contemporary approach of studding based on transcranial magnetic
stimulation or repetitive electrical stimulation on the somatosensory
evoked fields the mechanisms of central organization of Motor Control are
5. In section fifth "Equilibrium point theory - hypothesis and comments"
the hypothesis and comments on Equilibrium Point EP theory is discussed
from different points of view.
6. In section sixth section 'Movement disorders" this time with more
particular attention on Parkinson's disease and problems as a function of
stroke incidents are addressed.
7. In the last seventh section "Functional recovery" the rehabilitation
strategies for motor control recovery are addressed. Starting from
improving hand function to neurorehabilitation of reach to grasp movement
to functional recovery of balance control are the questions addressed in
this section.

If you interested to order this Book please send a msg to email address


We would like to inform you that you can also order

The Book with Papers from the first Conference on Motor Control MCC1999
Organized at Varna, Bulgaria, 22 - 26 September 1999.

Concepts, Theories and Models, Present State and Perspective

The theme of this Book is Motor Control. The book is organized in
5 major sections. The main idea was to represent the questions addressed in
the field of Motor Control from experimental points of view starting with
animal experiments (rats, cats and monkeys).
The integration of posture and movement into an elaborate system
is addressed in the first section. The second section is devoted to
postural control and posturo - kinetic co-ordination, presenting concepts,
theories and models. The third part is related to the cyclic daily life
motor task, the way we are able to keep locomotion revealing its basic
mechanisms and the ones of functional recovery. The important role of
different sensory inputs related to reflex and central organization of
impaired posture and movement is discussed in the fourth section.
Organization and control of the upper limb movement is the topic of the
fifth section. Special attention is paid to the EP point theory being
considered from various modern viewpoints presented in the Round table

And the Book
MOTOR CONTROL Today and tomorrow
Edited by Gantcho GANTCHEV, Shigemi MORI and Jean MASSION

This Book is organized in 4 major sections and is an outcome of
contribution of leading scientists in the field of Motor Control.

First section. Spinal and brainstem mechanisms of Motor Control
Second section. Peripheral and central mechanisms in skill
performance and acquisition
Third section. Internal Models of Motor Control
Forth section. Co-ordinate actions in healthy and patients

Presented during the First Conference on Motor Control MCC1999

If you need any further information do not hesitate to contact

Kind regards

Dr. Nikolai Gantchev

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