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Tem And Lexie Danner-trumbull
01-16-2002, 05:18 AM
Has anyone invented a large breed knee brace for after knee surgery to
help in the support of the knee ligiment (cruciate repair) so to stabilize
more sucessfully the sutures?
My two year old black lab of 75lbs is in a situation that could repair
itself on it's own (the damaged Ligiment) if there were a way to stabilize
his knee.
As of yesterday he was diagnosed both knees to have damaged ligiments
but not completely severed. So he is Kennel ridden and that is difficult for
us all. He had a normal HIGHLY active life before this but it is the only
way to stabilize him completely and keep him off his knees. Of course there
is the bathroom breaks and feeding time which require him using his hind
legs but becouse He has a large chest cavity and major muscle mass in his
upper body he is able to balance his legs up off the ground farely well
using those knees very little. Although being that he is 75lbs it is a work
out for him and it doesn't last long. He takes many sitting breaks while
walking to do his bathroom necessities and feeding time. And even then I
walk behind him supporting him as I can by holding up his hind legs when he
walks long distances.
BUT as I said he is a two year old highly active black lab and it sure
would be helpful to know that there is a knee brace out there that could
support his knees during what little walking breaks he does take.
So that is our story! Do you know of any brace out there to aide in
Charlie's knee ligiment repair other than the surgery. I know that it is an
option (surgery) and I will take that option when Charlie shows he is
experiencing pain which is not the case at this point in time.


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