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Karin Wayszmaier
04-15-1993, 01:47 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L subscribers,

In October 1993, we will be moving into a newly built bio-
mechanics research complex comprising 8000 square feet of
laboratory and office space. Provided we are granted the status
of a "Selected Laboratory" by the EC under the programme "Human
Capital and Mobility", we would be able to employ up to four
post-doc scientists from EC-countries, probably as from October
1993. Their salaries (ECU 4.379 per month) would be paid by the

One of our main research topics will be "Modeling and simulation
of the human neuromusculoskeletal system", including all rele-
vant subtopics (e.g. neuromuscular dynamics) but also other
aspects of biomechanics.

If anyone with a doctorate is interested in such a position and
in working with Prof. Hatze, he should express his interest as
soon as possible by writing to the

Commission of the European Communities
Human Capital and Mobility Programme
Rue Montoyer 75

referring to our laboratory and to our project number ERB 4050
PL 93-0652.

If more details are required please do not hesitate to contact
me at the address below.


Karin Wayszmaier
Secretary to Prof. Hatze

Department of Biomechanics and
Biomechanics Research Laboratory at the IfS,
University of Vienna

Auf der Schmelz 6, A-1150 WIEN, AUSTRIA

Tel.: Int.+43-1-9822661-194
FAX : Int.+43-1-9822661-131