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Young-hoo Kwon, Ph.d.
01-23-2002, 01:34 AM
The Department of Kinesiology at Texas Woman's University (TWU) is currently
seeking competent graduate students (MS & PhD) interested in biomechanics.
TWU is a CO-ED school so MALE students are encouraged to apply.

The doctoral program in Kinesiology at TWU was established in 1950s.
Exciting developments are currently in progress in the graduate biomechanics
program at TWU and I am looking for several competent and highly motivated
graduate students (preferrably doctoral students) who will work with me for
next 3-5 years. Several slots of graduate assistantship are available in
biomechanics for the Fall 2002.

The Biomechanics Laboratory at TWU is well-equipped with two 500-Hz video
cameras, four 120-Hz cameras, and six 60-Hz cameras with complete array of
accessories. We currently have two AMTI force plates in use and a new
telemetry EMG system (Noraxon TeleMyo) will replace an old system this
semester. With these, the Laboratory has the capability to study a wide
range of applications, gait to high-speed sporting movements. The Laboratory
is housed in a modern gym-classroom-office complex with its total square
footage being 6,300 sq-ft, including two facualty offices, one large office
area for the students, a 'humongous' data collection room, and several
specialized prep or analysis rooms.

Proficiency in math, engineering (mechanics), and/or computer programming is
highly desired but this is not an absolute requirement for admission.
Deficiency areas will be determined by the doctoral advising committee and
students will be required to take their deficiency courses before they start
the main component of the graduate work. International students will be
required to demonstrate their proficiency in English as well. An interview
is required for all the doctoral program applicants, but alternative means
are available for the international students who are currently residing
outside the US.

I look forward to hearing from many competent and highly motivated potential

Young-Hoo Kwon
- Young-Hoo Kwon, Ph.D., Director
- Biomechanics Lab
- Texas Woman's University
- P.O. Box 425647
- Denton, TX 76204-5647
- Phone: (940) 898-2598
- Fax: (940) 898-2581
- Email: ykwon@twu.edu
- Homepage: http://kwon3d.com
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