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B7gw000__ron Turchyniak
04-15-1993, 11:30 PM
Dear subscribers of Biomch-L,

I am looking for articles (references) or any information on commercial
(or non commercial) kinetic gait analysis systems, namely transducer
based systems, or systems that allow for the recording
of bilateral consecutive steps. Reliability/reproducibility
articles would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Note of interest: (STATISTICS PROGRAM)

(For those who asked me about the new Systat for windows.)
A demo disk (almost 4 meg working version) can be obtained
by calling 708-864-5670.
Check with your University...often they have site licences
and/or demo disks.
It seems to be ok...but is not great...their are some bugs
as any new ver usually has...I prefer SPSS ..although
have not yet tried the system-hog version for windows !
Is it any good ? comments ?

Ron Turchyniak