View Full Version : Wavelet analysis of EMG

Aguinaldo, Arnel
01-24-2002, 05:42 AM
Dear netters:

Does anyone know of any reliable commercially available software or, better
yet, shareware that applies wavelet analysis to EMG signals? I know there
are plenty of source code and m-files available, but I am not aware of any
specifically designed for EMG intensity analysis - or at least one that's
best suited for EMG signals. It seems the majority of the wavelet analyses
described in the biomechanical literature were performed using customized
software. It seems its use for clinical applications is growing and such a
program would be an appropriate tool.

A customary summary of replies will follow along with a link to our
fileshare site for downloading shared codes.

Thanks - Arnel

lllllllllll Arnel Aguinaldo, MA, ATC
(.)**(.) Bioengineer, Motion Analysis Laboratory
!. Children's Hospital San Diego
-U- Tel: 858.966.5807 [aaguinaldo@chsd.org]
Online: www.sandiegogaitlab.com

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