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Bruce Turpin
04-16-1993, 02:51 AM

During this coming year, I will be taking a series of research and
design courses in order to complete my undergrad degree. The first
course which I will be beginning this summer is based on library
research in any area of Human Kinetics/Human Biology and the follow-
up course in the fall is an advanced study course which I research (
experimentally, etc) on the previous library research. The final
course, in the Winter will be a final design project in order to
fullfill my engineering degree.

I am presently trying to develop a topic which I can develop through
the three stages (courses). I was wondering if anyone might have any
suggestions for a topic. Maybe there is an aspect of the research
you are doing that you'd like to look at in more detail, but you
don't have time to, or possibly just something that needs to be
developed in the area of biomechanics. I would appreciate any
suggestions and would like to thank everyone for their consideration.

We have excellent gait analysis facilities and other research
facilities here.

Thanks again,
Bruce Turpin

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