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02-06-2002, 10:11 PM
Research Studentships

The University of Bath, UK announced last week that it is
offering at least 40 PhD studentships in any subject area.

The University of Bath is one of the leading Universities in the United
Kingdom and has a young, vibrant and ambitious research based Department
of Sport and Exercise Science within the Faculty of Science. The
Department has a strong biomechanics group including a professor, 2
lecturers, a post-doc officer, an industrial fellow, a technician and
PhD students. It also has strong links internationally and with other
Departments within the University.

The University application process and further helpful information are
available on the following web-pages:


Please note that these applications are to be sent directly to the
Graduation Office, not to me.

Best regards
Dr Aki Salo

Aki Salo, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Sport Biomechanics
Department of Sport and Exercise Science
University of Bath
Tel. +44-(0)1225-383569
Fax +44-(0)1225-383275

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