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Ton Van Den Bogert
04-19-1993, 12:19 PM
Dear Biomch-L subscribers,

Since about one week, a new LISTSERV version (1.7f) is serving
Biomch-L. There are many new features, but all old commands
should still work. Some important changes:

(1) The LISTSERV documentation file is now called LISTSERV MEMO
(was: LISTEARN MEMO). To obtain the file, send the command 'get
listserv memo' to LISTSERV@NIC.SURFNET.NL (Internet) or
LISTSERV@HEARN (Bitnet). This documentation is for version 1.5d,
I don't know if, or where, a more recent one can be found.
LISTSERV also responds to the command 'help'.

(2) The command 'review biomch-l (countries' now sorts the
subscribers by country (was: alphabetically), which makes it a
lot easier to find a specific address.

(3) There are two new distribution options: DIGEST and INDEX.
These come in addition to the existing options MAIL and NOMAIL.
If you send 'set biomch-l digest' to LISTSERV, you will no longer
get individual messages, but every day one combination of all
messages. With 'set biomch-l index', you just get an index so
you can ask LISTSERV to send only those messages which are
interesting. Use 'set biomch-l mail' to go back to normal

Many thanks to David Pickles for
discovering and testing this new feature.

At this moment, digest and index messages are created daily. If
anyone is interested in using these features, please tell me if
daily, weekly, or monthly digests are preferred.

Finally: It is a lot of work to keep Biomch-L working, and my
co-moderators Krystyna Gielo-Perczak and
Christoph Reinschmidt are doing most
of that now. Thanks!

For more information, see the file BIOMCH-L GUIDE. If you do not
have it, send the command 'get biomch-l guide' to LISTSERV.


-- Ton van den Bogert
Biomch-L moderator