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02-12-2002, 01:19 AM
Sprint Canoe/Kayak Paddle Force:
We are making plans to instrument Sprint Canoe and Kayak paddles with strain gauges in order to evaluate magnitude and direction of force transmitted to the water in a given stroke. The purpose of this is to provide objective information to the athlete and coach. Before we can select appropriate stain sensors we are interested in hearing of peak force values that others have recorded for the canoe and kayak stroke.

I have talked to one researcher that has recorded values of 36-40Kg (330N-367N) for Top Level Senior Men's K1 during the first stroke of a race with force levels dropping considerably (18-40kg) on the following strokes. However, these values were recorded using "conventional" kayak paddles not the current "wing" paddles that are in use today.

Testing with Modern paddle designs, John Baker at the AIS has published values averaging 375N over a 1000m race distance for National Level Men Kayakers and 290N for Female Kayakers over a 500m race distance. Baker suggests that during the Starting Phase (first 20 seconds) of a 1000m race International Men will produce on average 525N then drop to near 400N for the remainder of the race. International Level Women would be 375N dropping to near 280N for a 500m race.

I would be interested in knowing what "absolute maximum" peak values others have recorded with high level athletes using today's K1 paddle designs as well as any recordings for the C1. If you are aware of any such data I would love to hear it.

Thank you,

Mike Robinson

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