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Yung-hua Chu
02-21-2002, 10:17 AM
Dear Biomch-L subscribers,

We propose to use biphasical model to simulate articular cartilage under
compression. For a better approach, only viscoelastic material properties
for soft tissue can I use in our existing FEA software, ANSYS 5.7. Have
anyone had experience using ANSYS to simulate poroelastic material
properties in soft tissue?

Are there other commercial FEA package that have a phphasic ability to
simulate soft tissue? I heard that Abaqus and Marc finite element softwares
may be good choices. Can anyone share your experience about it?

Thanks for your help and input

Eric Chu

Eric Chu
Research Associate
Biomechanics Laboratory
Legacy Clinical Research and Technology Center
Portland, OR
Tel: 503-413-5489

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