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Ton Van Den Bogert
04-21-1993, 07:00 AM
Dear Biomch-L subscribers,

Carolyn Small writes:
> [about the delay in ISB abstract processing]
> ...
> It is not clear how to get hold of anyone live on this one. I was hoping
> that this newslist (which is, I understand, ISB-sponsored) would be the

Correction: this list is not ISB-sponsored. It operates under
patronage of the ISB (whatever that may be), but receives no
financial support.

> correct place to get info. If anyone on the organizing committee is
> listening, would it be possible to post the preliminary program so we can
> check to see if we're on? Or have someone on e-mail who can check specific
> enquiries?

Unfortunately, none of the organizers is subscribing to this
list, and I also don't know any E-mail addresses.

I have also heard of many people (including myself) who have not
heard about their abstracts yet. It seems reasonable to expect
that the deadline will be extended.

If anyone has more information, please post a message to

-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L moderator
University of Calgary, Canada