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Cid Romero, Esther
02-26-2002, 12:44 AM
Dear Sirs and Ladies

I am Spanish student that I am working in Riiswijk, in Netherlands in the
Munition Effects and Ballistic Prottection group, Prints Maurits Laboratory,
I'm doing one proyect for finish my studies in Spain. And the work is about
the effects of pressure waves in the human foot and leg. The pressure waves
are caused for the explosion of one mine. And we want study the propagation
of the pressure waves in the land and in the sole of the boot. We are loking
for the optimal thickness and composition that can aboid the injury in the
leg. But I need some data about the what is the maximal umbral of pressure
that can support the human body and the foot of one person and what are the
injuries that appear if you pass that umbral. And the mechanical and
phisical properties of the bond and the tissue more suitable for leg's
characterisation. Because, first I am going to simulate the leg with
Autodyn, one program of diference finites of Century Dinamics, using
differents sole's compositions and thickness and then we are going to make
experimentes in the LBO. We was thinking about the posibility of use
gelatine for simulate the leg, but we don't know the propieties and if it's
the better material for that .
I hope that someone can help me with some data or references and you can
excuse me because my english is not so good and probably I comited some


Esther Cid Romero
Munition Effects & Ballisticc Protection
Prints Maurits Laboratory
Lange Kliweg 137
P.O. Box 45
2280 AA Rijswijk
The Netherlands
T +31 15 284 34 49
F +31 15 284 39 59

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