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02-26-2002, 11:13 PM
Dear subscribers,

I would like to acquire a timeseries of landmark coordinate data
from continuous walking. Ideally, this would include 3-D
coordinates for the toe, MTP, heel, lateral malleolus, head of fibula,
lateral epicondyle, greater trochanter, of both lower limbs and the
ASIS and PSIS of the pelvis for at least 10 consecutive gait cycles,
however coordinates for one lower limb and the pelvis or trunk in
either 2-D (sagittal plane) or 3-D would be sufficient. This data
would be used to validate a model that I have constructed as part of
my PhD project. I have checked the ISB website and some other
sites and while there is some gait data available, I have been
unable to locate any timeseries data from consecutive gait cycles.

The reason that I am requesting data instead of collecting it myself
is that I aim to use an electromagnetic system to collect landmark
coordinates, and am currently waiting for a wooden treadmill to be
constructed that will (theoretically) allow distortion free kinematic
data to be collected. However, time ticks on and the end of my
PhD draws nearer, and I am hoping to be able to test my model
while waiting for the treamill to arrive.

Naturally, any data that is contributed would not be used in any
publications and/or presentations without the contributors

Thanks in advance,
Peter Mills
Biomechanics-Dynamics Group
School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science
Griffith University - Gold Coast
PMB 50 Gold Coast Mail Centre 9726
Queensland Australia
Ph: +61 7 5552 8357
Fax: +61 7 5552 8674
Email: p.mills@mailbox.gu.edu.au

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