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Dewitt, John K. (jsc-sk) (wls)
04-01-2002, 08:25 AM
Hello Colleagues,
Here at the Space Physiology Laboratory we are determining the
specifications for a 2nd generation treadmill to be placed on the
International Space Station. One of the design criterion concerns the
required clearance space of the treadmill to allow the astronauts to run and
walk unencumbered. We have completed some literature searches, but have not
found any papers or data regarding the motion of the body center of mass and
the required clearance for all body segments in the lateral and
forward/backward directions. The astronauts will use the treadmill for gait
exercise at speeds ranging from 1.5 - 15 mph. We are looking for any
suggestions to answer the following questions:

1) What is the maximum distance from the toe of the lead foot at heel strike
to the ankle of the back foot at maximum foot back (not necessarily at the
time of heel strike)? How much fore/aft displacement of the body COM occurs
during normal treadmill running?

2) Concerning elbow abduction (horizontal and frontal), what is the distance
from elbow to elbow when each is at maximal horizontal abduction? How much
lateral displacement of the body COM occurs during treadmill running?

3) How is gait altered as obstructions are placed lateral to the subject? Is
the perception of a nearby object, which theoretically is out of the range
of possible contact with the subject, enough to cause an alteration in
locomotion? If so, what is a reasonable "cushion" to account for this

Any answers or suggestions for any of these issues would be appreciated. I
will summarize and post the responses.


John DeWitt, M.S.
Biomechanist - Exercise Physiology Laboratory
Space Physiology & Countermeasures
Johnson Space Center
Houston, TX 77058
281-483-8939 / 821-483-4181 (fax)

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