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Giovanni Legnani. University Of Brescia - Italy - Europeancommunity
04-21-1993, 10:27 PM
Yes of course I agree with Yeadon.

The proceedings MUST be in camera ready format.

This solution has a number of advantages but at least consider these ones:

1) authors have exactly what they want and they are responsible for
mistakes or bad quality
2) organizers has to work less

I have already said that to some of the organizers of the PERTH ISB meetings
(after the conference) and I planed to say that to the Paris conferences but I
have always been too lasy.

And please, any paper must begin on a new page, and the address (and e-mail) of

the authors should be printed in the paper header togheter with the name of the
conference. This helps very much if you need to ask for references or so on.
The name of the conference is necessary when you have the photocopy of a paper
and you want to quote it in a biogrphy list but you cannot remember where you
found it.

cheers to everybody and see you in PARIS.