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04-04-2002, 03:27 AM
Title: Post-doctoral scholarships
Location: University of Toronto, Canada
Date: April 2, 2002

Project: Innovative approaches to optimizing balance and mobility
in older adults

The successful candidates will join a multi-disciplinary research
team headquartered at the Centre for Studies in Aging (CSiA),
Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre.
Sunnybrook & Women's is a major teaching hospital fully affiliated
with the University of Toronto. The research team is currently led
by six senior scientists: three bioengineers (Drs. Brian Maki, Geoff
Fernie and Milos Popovic), a neuroscientist (Dr. William McIlroy)
and two clinicians (Drs. Barbara Liu and Rory Fisher). The team
has been awarded a major grant from the Canadian Institutes of
Health Research (CIHR), which will provide funding for the
scholarships and associated research projects.

The research program is aimed primarily at understanding effects of
aging on the control of balance and movement, and developing new
approaches to prevent falls and promote safe mobility in older
adults. Within these areas, there is a wide range of projects,
encompassing fundamental studies of biomechanics and motor
control, applied research and development of assistive
technologies, and clinical falls prevention programs. A major
strength of the program is the combination of basic science,
clinical research and product design and development. The team
will include a strong emphasis on using artificial intelligence to
compensate for age-related attentional and cognitive deficits, i.e.
development of "smart" assistive devices and building

The studies will be conducted primarily at Sunnybrook and/or
CSiA. Research facilities include a unique large-scale multi-axis
moving platform system for evoking postural reactions, and
associated instrumentation (motion-analysis systems, force plates,
EMG). Development facilities include design workstations,
electronics and machine shops, and laboratories for testing of
prototypes. Some projects will tie in with the Sunnybrook Falls
Clinic and/or other ongoing clinical programs.

Each scholarships will provide $35,000 (Can.) per year
(approximately $22,000 US). Although the yearly stipend is
guaranteed, the post-doc will be required each year to apply for
support from external funding agencies. The duration of the award
is negotiable.

For more information about our research, see our web site:


PhD in engineering, computer science, biomechanics, kinesiology,
neuroscience, rehabilitation science or a related field. Experience
in biomechanical measurements (eg motion analysis, EMG) and
background in the control of postural balance and movement would
be advantageous. We are also looking for individuals with a
background in artificial intelligence, computational intelligence,
expert systems, neuro-fuzzy systems, cognitive neuroscience
and/or related fields.

Applicants must have received a PhD from a recognized university
with a standing of B+ (GPA of 3.3) or better. In addition, facility in
the English language must be demonstrated by all applicants
whose primary language is not English and who graduated from a
university where the language of instruction and examination was
not in English. This requirement may be satisfied after obtaining a
score of 600 in the TOEFL (Test of English as aForeign Language)
and 5.0 in the TWE (Test of Written English).


This is an ongoing program; therefore, there is no closing date for

If you meet the requirements described above and wish to apply,
please send a covering letter, curriculum vitae and copy of your
university transcripts to: Brian Maki, PhD, PEng Professor,
University of Toronto Senior Scientist, Sunnybrook & Women's
College Health Sciences Centre

Centre for Studies in Aging
2075 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M4N 3M5
E-mail: brian.maki@swchsc.on.ca
FAX: 416-480-5856

Submissions by e-mail or FAX are preferred. After an initial
screening, selected applicants will be asked to forward three
academic and/or professional letters of reference, as well as
reprints or preprints of peer-reviewed articles or abstracts.

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