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Shana O'brien
04-08-2002, 04:27 AM
Please reply to the address listed below.
Movement Science Lab
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Dallas, Texas
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children is world-renowned for its care of pediatric patients with orthopaedic and related neuromuscular problems. TSRHC is a financially stable hospital with a substantial endowment for the support of its highly productive research program. Patient care and associated research are driven solely by the needs of the patients and are free of the constraints imposed by external managed care organizations.
TSRHC has a modern, fully-equipped Movement Science Lab in a 2500 square foot facility. Equipment includes: 8-camera Vicon 512 motion capture system, Motion Lab Systems MA100 EMG system (10 channels), 2 AMTI force plates, Biodex System 3 Multi-joint isokinetic machine, Cosmed K4b2 Portable Gas Exchange system, and a Novel EMED SF pedobarograph (4 sensors/cm2). The lab currently has four full-time staff, plus a secretary. At any time, there are at least 20 research projects in which the lab is a participant. Some projects may involve movement of the upper limbs and the spine, as well as the lower limbs.
TSRHC is now accepting applications for Supervisor of its Movement Science Lab. The Supervisor will coordinate the clinical and research activities of the Lab. The Supervisor should have a strong interest in:
Working with pediatric patients and their problems
Assisting clinicians in the characterization, diagnosis, and treatment of orthopaedic and related neuromuscular disorders
Working closely with clinicians and other hospital staff on research projects, providing advice and leadership in their design, execution, and analysis
Finding better ways of evaluating human movement and muscle function, and assess the effectiveness of clinical interventions on patients
Mentoring and teaching junior lab staff in order to develop their capabilities to the fullest
Among the qualifications for the Supervisor position are:
At least five (5) years of experience in patient-related aspects of biomechanical measurement and analysis, resulting in publications in peer-reviewed journals.
At least three years of supervisory experience in a gait lab
Minimum of a Master's degree in a field relevant to movement science.
Recent experience with Vicon systems
Excellent computer skills, particularly in the modeling of human movement.
There is the possibility of a faculty appointment at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas, depending upon qualifications. Qualified candidates, please e-mail vita to: richb@tsrh.org , or fax to: (214) 559-7872 (attn: Dr. Richard Browne)

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