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04-09-2002, 10:21 PM
Dear Mark:
thank you for your message. The question on Biomedcentral is in my
opinion very much relevant and pertinent. It may also be related to the
data sharing issue, although putting all aspects together may produce a
problem too big to be addressed.

Yes, the idea of a global repository eventually organised with a
peer-to-peer network is one option. another one is to set up for
biomechanics a sharing marketplace, much like turboSquid. this is
commercial site selling 3D models for computer graphics. If you post
throught them your models, every time somebody download them you get a
credit. If you dowload models of somebody else you get a debit. Every
while they send you a bill with the balance, positive or negative. Of
course they keep a fee on every transaction to keep the system up and

One remark: I noticed that only those who are clearly positive about
sharing data are voicing their position. How should we read this? If we
all agree with this position why there are so little data available?



>Dear List
>I became involved in biomechanical engineering for a number of reasons, not
>the least important of which was to apply my engineering skills to improve
>the quality of peoples' lives. It seems to me obvious that research data
>should be shared and access should be as wide as possible, as a means of
>achieving that goal.
>There are obviously many arguments about levels of access, methods for
>determining quality of data etc which may be raised. One pertinent
>observation might be the way in which easy access to large quantities of
>data would reduce the perceived quality of that information.
>Perhaps one idea, instead of the central "repository" of data which (I
>feel) Marco is suggesting, might be to share data in a similar fashion to
>the way that music files (mp3) are shared in peer-to-peer networks.
>Maybe another dimension to the discussion ought to be the changes occurring
>in the ways in which scientific information may be published. The
>traditional subscription based publishers are being challenged by online
>publishers such as BiomedCentral http://biomedcentral.com who make no
>charge for access to full-text content but instead charge authors or the
>institutions to which those authors belong. Should there be a BiomedCentral
>Biomechanics journal?
>best wishes
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