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Marco Viceconti
04-22-1993, 04:51 AM
Ton van derBogert suggest to quit chatting on ISB abstract. Basically I
agree since everybody has the same questions and nobody seems to have answers.
To support organizing commitee, I'd like to say that more people than expected
always jam the organization.
However I hope the moderator was not blaming us to use this forum for this;
topics like this one make me filling part of a group sharing same problems
and interest, and this make me happy! I think that argument like this or
that on good science are as relevant as position available or "I am looking for
data on ..".
I am not copletely against the abstract on floppy, but I agree with the posted
objections. Maybe a litlle more detailed format requirements would avoid
those ugly looking abstract books!
A few days ago I've posted a question on time-dependent curves comparision.
For whom may be interested I've received some good suggestions, and we also
waht it seems to be agood approach. Hope to find the time to post the review
in a few days.
Sorry for the typos and for the long message.
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