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Nori Okita
04-15-2002, 10:46 AM
Dear list,

The following is the summary of responses to my inquiry about the telemetry
EMG unit. Thank you very much to everyone who responded to my posting.
Sorry for the long message, but I though it may be helpful to read the

Nori Okita
Balance Disorders Lab
Neurological Sciences Institute
Oregon Health & Science University
505 NW 185th Ave
Beaverton, OR 97006

Original posting:

We are considering to obtain a telemetry EMG unit (8 or more EMG channels +
several +/- 5V) to be used in our gait and posture experiments. Any
recommendations and comments on any telemetry EMG systems are appreciated.
I will post a summary of responses.

Following companies were recommended.




Mega Electronics


Non-Telemetry units
Motion Lab Systems: http://www.motion-labs.com
TMSI: http://www.tmsi.com/
Bortec Biomedical: scott@bortec.ca

Individual messages to follow:

We have had a Noraxon 8 channel Telemyo system for about 9 years now and it
has performed well for us. We use it stand alone and also with the Peak
motion analysis system. It can be configured with foot switches and
electrogoniometer. The software is easy to use.
Good luck!
Tom Mohr

Thomas Mohr, PT, PhD
Professor and Chairman
Dept. of Physical Therapy
501 North Columbia Road
PO Box 9037
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND 58202-9037
Ph: 701-777-2831 or Fax: 701-777-4199

Dear Nori,

Without doubt, the Noraxon Telemyo is the best EMG telemetry system I have
used. The signal is beautifully clean. It is also extremely easy to use and
since there are no preamps, very resilient. This last point is important, I
think, if you are doing dynamic studies.
Dr. Chris Kirtley MD PhD
Associate Professor
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Ave NE, Washington, DC 20064
Tel. 202-319-6247, fax 202-319-4287
Email: kirtley@cua.edu
Dear Nori,

We've been using the Telemyo system (Noraxon, U.S.A., Inc.) for some time
now with clinical gait analyses and experiments concerning gait and posture.
The EMG software from Noraxon is very compatible with our motion system
(Motion Analysis Corp.) and allows for pretty simple upgrades if you begin
with fewer EMG channels.
Adam Fullenkamp R.K.T.
Graduate Assistant
Department of Kinesiology
University of Toledo

Hi Nori,

We've purchased two eight channel telemetry systems from Noraxon Inc., and
have been very pleased with the performance. The first was purchased six or
seven years ago and has been used very heavily over that period. We just
recently purchased a second identical system, to give us a 16 channel
capacity, but also to have a second stand alone unit. We use Noraxon's
MyoResearch and MyoVideo software a lot, for both instruction and research.
We also interface both units with our Motion Analysis, Inc. HiRes video
system and import the EMG data into both OthoTrak and Kintrak for analysis.
Our applications include both gait and balance assessment, but also many
other things including some sport/sports medicine applications. Overall,
we've had great luck with Noraxon, and I feel very confident recommending

Best Wishes
Chuck Armstrong - University of Toledo

Good to hear from you! I would say units by Noraxon or Konigsburg
Instruments are good telemetry systems.
Good luck - Arnel
lllllllllll Arnel Aguinaldo, MA, ATC
(.)**(.) Bioengineer, Motion Analysis Laboratory
!. Children's Hospital San Diego
-U- Tel: 858.966.5807 [aaguinaldo@chsd.org]
Online: www.sandiegogaitlab.com

Check out Konigsberg Instruments in Pasadena, CA. They custom build EMG
systems and do a great job. Contact Bill Mills at 626 585 4032.
I have a Konigsberg system. It is very reasonably priced & Bill Mills, the
person in charge of the system, is wonderful. He is always willing to
answer questions, help with adapting it to the collection system, etc.
It is only the hardware, however, but it is very well made & their customer
service is incredible. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about
Bill, the equipment, & his staff. I even use them when I need other
engineering work to be done.
Karen L. Perell PhD, RKT
Director, PM&R Gait Lab
Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System - West Los Angeles Healthcare Center
11301 Wilshire Blvd
LA, CA 90073
FAX: (310)268-4301
email: karen.perell@med.va.gov

PS: if you want to contact Bill for details about his system, his phone
number is: (626) 585-4032 & email is: konigsbg@pacbell.net

Dear Nori,
I will recommend to you our newest product: KineMyo. It is a totally
wireless telemetric EMG system, very simple to use, with no extra belts or
accessories to be worn. Each unit is also "intelligent" and will allow you
to record from unlimited distances. You can obtain either 4, 8 or 12
channels at this moment. KineMyo can be integrated with 3rd party systems,
or it can also be synchronized with our movement analysis software in our
full motion analysis solution called KinePro. You can seek more information
on Kine┤s website: www.kine.is Also feel free to e-mail me or call me if you
would like further information.
Carola Frank A­albj÷rnsson, Ph.D.
Research & Development
Kine ehf.
Sk˙lagata 26
101 ReykjavÝk
Phone # (354) 580-8308/ 580-8300
fax# (354) 580-8309

Mega Electronics
Dear Nori Okitan,

A year ago, the same question was asked on this list. I will send you the
summary of the responses. At our lab, we are using the ME3000p4 and ME3000p8
from Mega Electronics Ltd. (Finland) :
Friendly regards, Jan Seghers.

Dear Nori,

Mega Electronics (Finland) markets Mespec 4000 Telemetry EMG system (8 or 16
channels), which is a digital telemetry and widely used and approved by the
opinion leaders. See more information at www.meltd.fi. The system is sold in
USA by Peak Performance Technologies Inc (Englewood, CO). There are a lot of
options available (other sensors etc.) and the system can be easily used
together with motion analysis, force plate and isokinetic systems.
Best regards
Mega Electronics Ltd

Kari Tiihonen
Export Manager


Dear Mr. Okita,

we are a manufacturer of software for professional 3D motion analysis. Often
we have to implement analog devices like EMG, forceplates and goniometers...
We made very good experiences with the EMG system of Biovision. It is a
german company with the following details:
Name: Hanno Ernst
Company: Biovision

Adress: Bleichstr. 6a
61273 Wehrheim

Phone: +49 (06081) 56746
E-Mail: biovision.ernst@t-online.de

In case of any questions regarding our products, feel free to contact me.
Stefan Klippel

!!! You can SIMI in Motion !!!

Stefan Klippel
Sales Management Motion Systems

SIMI Reality Motion Systems GmbH
Max-Planck-Str. 9-13
85705 Unterschlei▀heim
+49 (0)831/6971752 (Office)
+49 (0)174/3154604 (Mobile)
+49 (0)89/321459-0 (Company)
+49 (0)831/6971753 (Fax)

!!! Keep Moving !!!

Dear Nori,

I have used systems of a german company, biovision, quite a lot. They have a
very good reputation and very nice sensors.
Try http://www.biovision-online.com/biovision_en.htm
They offer a new modular system based on a hand-held computer which allows
to be used as a telemetry system as well.
Good luck,

Uwe Kersting, PhD
Lecturer in Biomechanics
Sports and Exercise Science
University of Auckland
Phone: 09 373 7599 extn 6859
Fax: 09 373 7043
Email: u.kersting@auckland.ac.nz

Non-Telemetry units
Dear Nori,
Thought of a data logger instead of a telemetry system? Then try the PORTI
of Twente Medical Systems, Enschede, The Netherlands.
I am not a shareholder, but an enthousiastic user. The price is favourable,
some US$ 15.000 for 8 EMG + 8 AUX and we have software to use it within
Labview. see:
Maybe this helps you,
At Hof

Dear Nori Okita,

I received your inquiry from the BIOMCH-L site. I realize that you are
inquiring about a telemetry unit, and we do not carry telemetry at this
time. I did want to provide you with some general information about our
system. Ours is a cabled system, but it actually offers the best of both,
cabled and telemetry. There is only a single, lightweight coaxial cable that
connects the subject backpack to the desktop unit. This ultra lightweight
cable (only 3/32" in diameter) comes in a standard length of 60 feet, but we
will customize it to any length up to 120 feet at no extra charge. Due to
the size and weight of the cable, our system is very close to telemetry in
the mobility that it affords. Our MA-300 system offers clear clean signals,
unlike many of the telemetry systems which often have problems with noise
and interference. It comes with re-usable surface pre-amps, therefore
eliminating the expense of disposable electrodes as well as batteries. While
many other systems come with only a six month warranty, our system comes
with a full one year warranty, as well as a thirty day money back guarantee.
Finally, I am sure that you will find a significant difference in the cost
of our system versus telemetry.
Our systems are very easy to install and operate. We provide support via
e-mail and telephone to customer all over the world, and our service after
the sale is unsurpassed in this industry. You may visit our website to
download brochures and other information on all of our products.
Ftp://Anonymous:Update_Request@Ftp.Emgsrus.Com/Brochures/ If you would like
for me to mail you a packet of brochures and information, and/or a quote
please let me know.
Thanks for your time, and I look forward to your response.

Alice Gooch
Motion Lab Systems, Inc.
15045 Old Hammond Hwy.
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
PH: 225-272-7364 Fax: 225-272-7336

We use a system that is not telemetered for gait studies, but it has an
optoelectric cable from the patient unit to the reciever amplifier that can
be from 10-30 meters in length. The quality of the signals is excellent and
the cable is thin, patient unit light and we have not had a problem with
gait. The person we contact is Scott day and I have incuded his address and
email below.
Good luck
Cheryl Kozey

Dr. Scott Day
Bortec Biomedical Ltd.
Suite 225, 604 1st Street SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2P 1M7
Scott Day

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