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Julie Steele
04-17-2002, 11:52 AM
We have been fortunate enough to purchase a second Kistler 600 mm x 400
mm force platform and are about to embed it in our laboratory floor to
accompany our existing 600 mm x 400 mm plate. Before we do this we are
seeking “words of wisdom” to ensure optimal placement and method of
fixation. The major tasks that we wish to analyse using the force
platforms are:

· Bilateral gait (particularly of healthy children (6-12 years) and the
· Dual limb landings from boxes of varying height
· Single limb landings, following a run-up approach, in which we wish to
also measure forces generated by the second landing limb.

We have found reference to this topic on the Clinical Gait Analysis site
run by Chris Kirtley and noted recommendations in the Kistler manuals
We have also asked several colleagues who expressed an interest in this
topic being posted on Biomch-l. So…. our specific questions are:

1) What are the optimal placements for the two force platforms (of the
size stated above) for the three tasks (we realize these placements may
vary for each task)?
2) What are the suggested methods of fixation to a concrete slab of a
ground floor laboratory that can allow easy movement of the platforms to
account for varying positions? We wish to embed the plates into the
concrete slab as we have limited ceiling height.

As usual, as summary of responses will be posted back to the group.


Julie Steele and Bridget Munro
Biomechanics Research Laboratory
University of Wollongong
Northfields Ave
Wollongong NSW 2522


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