View Full Version : Re: Stop ISB chats

Ton Van Den Bogert
04-22-1993, 03:53 PM
Marco Viceconti wrote:
>However I hope the moderator was not blaming us to use this forum for this;

Definitely not! The entire purpose of Biomch-L is exchange of
information and knowledge, so the recent messages were very
appropriate. I was just concerned that everybody would start
mailing their complaints about the ISB abstract processing to
Biomch-L; that would be useless.

>topics like this one make me feeling part of a group sharing same problems
>and interest, and this make me happy! I think that argument like this or
>that on good science are as relevant as position available or "I am looking for
>data on ..".

It's good to hear that, and I agree completely.

>waht it seems to be a good approach. Hope to find the time to post the review
>in a few days.

We are looking forward to it. Thanks, Marco.

-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L moderator