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Karin Wayszmaier
04-26-1993, 12:19 AM
SUBJECT: Post-doc research positions in the new biomechanics lab
(Prof. Hatze) in Vienna.

Dear BIOMCH-L subscribers,

Our recent posting on post-doc research positions for bio-
mechanists from EC-countries in Vienna has elicited an
overwhelming response but has, unfortunately, also led to
considerable misunderstandings. We are unable to answer
each request individually, so we shall try to answer the
most frequently asked questions in this general mailing.

1. Our laboratory has applied to the EC for the status of a
"Selected Laboratory" and the decision is still outstanding.
(It is expected for August 1993.). Only AFTER such a status
has been granted can we initiate a selection process among
applicants. In our recent e-mail we suggested that potential
applicants should express their INTEREST in such a position
to the EC-commission. We did NOT suggest that APPLICATIONS be
submitted as, unfortunately, many colleagues have done. In
the meantime, we have received notification from the EC that
such applications are premature. So please refrain from
APPLYING to the EC for a position at the present stage, as
this may, in fact, jeopardize our application for selection.
If the EC-decision is positive, contracts are expected to
come into effect in October 1993.

2. Our new biomechanics laboratory will not be established in
Brussels but in a new and modern research complex at the
University of Vienna.

3. We are, unfortunately, not in a position to conduct extensive
inquiries at the EC-commission concerning the validity of
EC-citizenship of certain potential applicants, on their

4. Appointments will probably be possible for a period of two to
three years. Professor Hatze will be leading all research

5. In principle, only post-doc fellows can be considered, with
certain exceptions.

We hope to have clarified the issue and answered the most
pertinent questions potential applicants have asked.


Karin Wayszmaier
Secretary to Prof. Hatze