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04-28-2002, 08:27 PM
Dear All

My original question related to the approximate number of competitive rowers
worldwide. Firstly thanks to all of those who responded. Unfortunately the
most common response was to contact FISA (governing body of rowing), I had
already attempted this all to no avail (the didn't respond to any of my

There was a massive disparity between peoples thoughts RE rowers, ranging
from 15000 worldwide to 1 million worldwide. Obviously it is a very
difficult question to answer without contacting all national rowing
governing bodies and awaiting membership numbers.

I did contact someone I knew in the ARA in the UK and the number of rowers
registered with them is about 40 000. Based on this my best estimates for
worldwide participation would be in the region of 1 million (including
non-elite rowers).

Regards Ross

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