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Ton Van Den Bogert
04-30-2002, 07:30 AM
Dear subscribers,

Apologies for the test message that was sent earlier today.

Today I have changed the settings of our list server. For subscribers there is
no change: all postings will still be forwarded to the moderator for approval.

Postings from non-subscribers will now receive an automatic rejection message. This
message will tell them that they can either subscribe or contact the list moderator
if they want to post to the list.

This has become necessary because about 90% of postings we receive now is spam, i.e.
the mass mailed advertising that you are no doubt familiar with. There were about
100 in the past 3 days, which is a considerable load on the moderators just to
open and delete. Apparently the spammers have found a way to defeat LISTSERV's
anti-spam filters.

If you are subscribed and still receive a rejection message, please contact the
Biomch-L moderators at . This would mean that your
subscription needs to be updated.

Please also contact us if you experience any other problems and/or have comments.


Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator

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