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05-01-2002, 01:39 AM
Chair in the field of rehabilitation and human
performance research &

Directorship of the Centre for Rehabilitation and Human
Performance Research, University of Salford, England.

0100,0100,0100The University of Salford wishes to appoint to a permanent position
a Chair in the field of rehabilitation and human performance
research. The successful candidate will be an individual with an
established reputation for their research in an area allied to the
work of the Centre for Rehabilitation and Human Performance
Research, and would be expected to take up the Directorship of
the Centre for an initial period of four years. This Director post may
be retained for further terms of four years after this initial period.
The successful candidate will provide leadership and work with
existing staff to establish regular and substantial external research
income for the Centre, increase the number of research staff within
the Centre and increase research output. By taking the Centre
forward in a strategic way the University wishes to see the Centre
Rehabilitation and Human Performance Research establish itself
as a key national and international player in its field.

The current research portfolio of the Centre is diverse, ranging from
biomechanical studies, to gait analysis, to clinical evaluation of
patients and clinical trials, and so applications are equally
welcome from individuals from all relevant backgrounds, from health
care research, the health care professions and bioengineering.
However, all candidates will need to demonstrate evidence of
clinically linked research, an awareness of UK, EU an International
funding sources and be prepared to work closely with colleagues in
the health care professions.

The Centre for Rehabilitation and Human Performance Research
undertakes a wide range of research, which can be described
under three broad headings – assistive devices, gait studies and
clinical evaluations. Assistive device research focuses on the
design and evaluation of a range of devices from support surfaces
to prosthetics and foot orthotics. Gait research complements the
evaluation of lower limb assistive devices and includes investigation
of normal and abnormal gait and the characteristics of human joint
motion. Much of this work is carried out in our fully equipped gait
laboratory and a separate human performance facility. These two
areas of research are reflected in our recent and future international
conferences entitled “Biomechanics of the Lower Limb in Health,
Disease and Rehabilitation”.

Complementing the biomechanics theme, and acknowledging the
need to address the needs of a range of stakeholders, the Centre
also engages in clinically focused outcomes research, clinical
trials, audit and qualitative based research. For example, we are
currently investigating definitions of treatment adherence in
rehabilitation professionals, undertaking a health benefits based
randomised controlled trial of therapeutic footwear for patients with
rheumatoid arthritis, and developing new methods for assessing
neuropathy in patients with diabetes. These are in collaboration
with colleagues in allied research centres at Salford and colleagues
in local and regional hospitals. The Centre sees the successful
integration of complementary research areas as essential in its
future development.

The Centre has active links with other disciplines within the
University including informatics, virtual reality and robotics. The
cross disciplinary theme is a key component of current work and
linking with existing research groups within the University is seen
as a priority in releasing research potential in the future.

Also see: { HYPERLINK http://www.healthcare.salford.ac.uk/crhpr/

which is in the process of being updated.

To ensure that the Centre adds value to the training of health and
social care professionals undertaken by the University (training of
podiatrists, physiotherapists, prosthetists, orthotists, occupational
therapists, nurses, radiographers, midwives and social workers),
the Centre also sees the need to increase the relevance and
applicability to clinical practice of its research. The Centre therefore
actively supports the engagement of health care professionals,
both internal to and external to the University, in its research.

The Centre currently has five full time research staff; three post
doctoral Research Fellows employed on permanent contracts
supported by the University, and two Fellows on fixed term
contracts and registered for PhD. The majority of Centre members
come from the large community of lecturers from the health care
professions, primarily podiatry, physiotherapy and prosthetics and
orthotics. However, recently we have also attracted members from
allied disciplines from across the university, such as engineering
and health services research.

A range of externally awarded grants from the NHS, EU, charitable
sources and industry currently supports the Centre’s research. The
Centre is extremely active in applying for research funds and has
set ambitious targets for future funding and research expansion.
The University has invested heavily in the Centre, providing three
permanent research fellow posts and the Chair and Director post
for the Centre, and the Faculty of Health and Social Care is seen
as a key growth area for research at the University of Salford.

Deadline for applications is MAY 31st 2002.

Informal enquiries may be addressed to Duncan Fraser, Head of
the School of Health Care Professions, 00 44 (0)161 295 2245, {
HYPERLINK mailto:d.fraser@salford.ac.uk
}0000,0000,FF00d.fraser@salford.ac.uk0100,0100,010 0

Dr Christopher Nester BSc PhD
Research Fellow
Brian Blatchford Building
School of Health Care Professions
Centre for Rehabilitation and Human Performance Research
University of Salford
M6 6PU

TEL:0161 295 2275
FAX:0161 295 2302

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