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David P. Dillard
05-01-2002, 08:28 PM
A substantial number of athletes like to take dietary supplements. Those
working with athletes may find this New York Times article to be useful
material to share with them. The supplement taken in this case was


Checking a Supplement's Contents Could Avoid Risk


My doctors told me they were pretty confident that the supplement I took
led to my atrial fibrillation and gave me the scare of my life.

The doctors did everything short of stopping my heart to get it beating
right again. Finally, the last intravenous treatment they gave me worked.
Had it not been successful, they were going to use defibrillators to
"jump-start" my heart and get it pumping again. My heart started beating
correctly on Saturday, four days after I was admitted. They kept me an
additional night for observation, which brought my total stay to five

I will be taking a beta blocker called sotalol to help maintain a normal
heart rhythm for the next four months, and my condition will be
re-evaluated in December. If my heart is sound and everything checks out
then, my doctors said, I will be able to go off the medication. But
nothing can erase the nightmare of the five days I lost because of the
supplement I was taking, unaware of its potential danger, unaware that I
was risking my life.

My advice to those using supplements to gain energy, gain mass or lose
weight is: Be careful to read the labels on the product; do a little
research on the ingredients/vitamins/extracts that are contained in each
supplement. Do not take a health food/vitamin retailer's word as gospel.
Spending 10 minutes to look up the ingredients is little to ask, and it
could save your life.


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